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What kind of device is a UV intensity meter?

Concept of UV intensity meter

A UV intensity meter is an electronic device often designed as a compact, handheld device. Used to accurately check UV intensity through a smart sensor. This device is capable of receiving and analyzing ultraviolet light concentrations. Measurement results are displayed directly on the device's screen in numbers. In addition, the device also has the ability to store measurement results in memory. Then through specialized software, these results can be downloaded to a computer or phone for management. Most meters use the unit to measure light intensity, LUX .

Classification of UV intensity meters

In practice, various types of UV meters are used to measure UV light levels in different environments. Based on usage features, we have the following types of light intensity meters;

LED light meter

This device is mainly used to measure the brightness of LED lights. This makes it possible for users to test whether the LED can produce the expected brightness.

Screen light intensity meter

This device is used to measure the light level of a computer screen or phone screen. This helps users adjust the brightness of the screen to reduce eye strain or save battery life.

Heat radiation measuring device

Thermal radiation meters are used to measure the temperature of objects or environments. These devices are used in applications such as measuring the temperature of machinery, electronic equipment, or in industrial production processes.

UV ray meter

UV meters are used to measure the level of ultraviolet rays in the environment. These devices are often used to measure the strength of UV rays to ensure the safety of the user's health or to test the effectiveness of UV protection devices.

What tasks is the UV intensity meter used for?

UV intensity meter for industrial production

Use a UV intensity meter to measure the UV energy contained in LED bulbs. Used to measure UV energy when using LED lamps to cure UV Glue

Application in other fields

In addition, light intensity meters are also widely used in offices, factories, schools, hospitals, optical power sources, teaching and research, metallurgical construction, and inspection industries. as well as agriculture, research and illumination control.