UV LED Cure Radiometer

Manufacturer: EIT

Country of manufacture: USA

Contact price: 0983.912.259

Cure LED UV intensity meter / Cure   LED UV energy meter  is used to measure UV intensity or UV energy emitted from UV lamps. The device is suitable for use with conveyor type UV machines.

Cure LED UV intensity meters are compact, flexible, easy to transport UV meters , used to measure the peak radiation power of UV rays (W/cm2) and m energy density (J/cm2) in UV  drying applications.

The Cure LED UV intensity meter  helps users set the level of UV radiation intensity .

UV drying applications such as: UV drying applications to dry ink , UV drying applications to dry glue,  UV drying applications to dry solder mask, etc… These meters are available in low, mid and high range versions , and also include a 395 LED wave range measurement version .