Manufacturer: EIT

Country of manufacture: USA

Contact price: 0983.912.259

DataReader UV energy meter /  DataReader UV intensity meter  is used to measure UV intensity or UV energy emitted from UV lamps, The device is used in electronics, semiconductor, auto, wood, footwear, printing industries press…

The DataReader is a machine used to read and display measurement values ​​from Microcure MC-2A or Microcure MC-10A, MC-0.2A sensors (Therefore, the machine is only used to read and display values ​​when used with sensors). variable MC-2A or MC-10A, MC-0.2A)


Model DataReader has  1 channel  or  UVA (320-390nm),
Display screen Displays black text on a white background
Measurable range  500mW/ cm² to 10W/ cm² ( When used with MC-10A ), 00mW/ cm² to 2W/ cm² ( When used with MC-2A ), 10mW/ cm² to 100W/ cm² ( When used with MC-0.2A )
Every measurement step 3mW/cm²
Error when measuring +/ – 7%
Working temperature 0-70ºC
The battery Use 1 9V Lithium battery
Size 139.7 x 108 x 36.8mm (thickness, width, height)
Weight 333.11 Gram


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