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UV Radiometers

1. Buy Genuine, Official UV intensity meter at amazing price at Danh Huy

A UV intensity meter is a device that measures the UV intensity emitted from a UV lamp and has a huge influence in today’s industrial market. Not only have many new features improved over the generations, EIT UV intensity meters are often known for their durability, strength ahead of their time, and outstanding technology, providing maximum response. all needs from users.
Since launching the first UV intensity meter model, EIT has continuously made its mark with many versions released every year.
Not only is it a necessary daily UV measuring device, the UV intensity meter is also a valuable possession, serving well for work, helping to improve product quality and sales revenue. EIT’s UV intensity meter is one of the most widely used lines of UV measuring equipment today, especially in European, American and Asian countries.

1.1. Why is EIT’s UV intensity meter the best-selling brand of high-class UV meters?

The UV meter is the flagship product of the EIT brand, so you can find this company taking careful care of every aspect such as design, components, and LED lights inside. We have some of the same advantages of a standard strength meter:

  • Beautiful design, typical EIT style
  • Carefully reinforced with metal frame and glass surface, providing high durability and good resistance to impacts
  • Meets user needs well with powerful features, fast and smooth processing speed
  • Sharp display screen with LCD
  • The machine rarely degrades and can be used for a long time
    And there are many more wonderful things waiting for you to discover

That’s all you can get when you own a UV intensity meter.

2. Which country’s brand is the UV intensity meter?

EIT is a famous brand based in the United States, with a solid foothold in the technology market that is difficult for any competitor to overcome.
Founded in 1977, EIT 2.0 has evolved its mission in 2021 to focus on EIT’s strengths: providing innovative technical solutions for electronics manufacturing and developing cutting-edge technology to support needs in the fields of UV measurement, sterilization, etc.

EIT 2.0’s management team has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing UV measurement equipment. Supporting the senior service management team is a strong team of design and manufacturing engineers, technical specialists, program managers, buyers and support staff.

EIT’s UV intensity meter products are very diverse. This is a genuine UV intensity meter provided by Danh Huy (Official Authorized Dealer of EIT in Vietnam), so customers can feel more secure when choosing to buy.

Genuine UV intensity meter distributed by EIT to the Vietnamese market.
When buying these
With this device, you will own a genuine UV intensity meter manufactured for the world market and provided to customers by distributors. The product has guaranteed quality, is new from a genuine brand and is still under warranty, so you can feel secure when buying and using.
Currently, Danh Huy is a supplier of genuine UV intensity meters in Vietnam at extremely reasonable prices, bringing you superior quality products.

3. Features of UV intensity meter?

  • The UV intensity meter provides a data display configuration that accurately monitors the UV standard index and NIST national technology (mJ/cm2).
  • Helps accurately identify UV rays for users or variables that can be linked to UV rays.
  • Small push-button operation makes it easy to use, and comes with an IP67 standard to protect users from dust and photo debris.
  • UV LED intensity meter (compact spectrum) provides UV and temperature profiles in addition to irradiance (W/cm2) and power density (J/cm2) values.
  • User can adjust sampling rate, range, large memory, battery charging
    The ‘Pause’ feature allows users to produce different maximum files while on the production floor
  • Supports high-speed applications such as digital computing, transferring value to PowerView Software® III
  • UV intensity meter designed to target users (R&D, field service technicians, power suppliers, formulators) who regularly work with different types of LED lamps
  • On-screen value plus irradiance profile converted to UV PowerView ® III at a sample rate of 128 Hz
  • The LED UV intensity meter can display in multiple L ranges. Users should use the values ​​in the appropriate range for the LED and not total the readings of all ranges.

4. Application of UV intensity meter?

  • Used in professions such as
  • In graphic arts
  • Suitable for photochemistry
  • Maintenance of inks, adhesives and coatings
  • In the laboratory

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