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1. Genuine UV radiometer: Information you need to know before buying

EIT is a UV meter brandthat focuses on manufacturing UV energy measuring devices, always with good prices on the market, products always ensure extremely stable configuration, extremely durable.

2. Which country's UV radiometer is a type of UV meter?

EIT is a brand born in 1977 in America, founded and run by Joe T. May . He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and is a Professional Engineer

3. The best UV radiometer lines today

EIT's UV radiometer is the top choice, most sought after by customers at Danh Huy. You can own a genuine UV measuring device with guaranteed quality, tested to strict standards, with a warranty policy and extremely good UV meter calibration in accordance with the company's regulations. Let's take a look at some of the following product lines.

3.1 MicroCure UV radiometer

The DataReader is a machine used to read and display measurement values ​​from Microcure MC-2A or Microcure MC-10A, MC-0.2A sensors (Therefore, the machine is only used to read and display values ​​when used with sensors). variable MC-2A or MC-10A, MC-0.2A)

MicroCure DataReader UV energy meter

3.2 Power Map II UV radiometer

This type of machine can measure and compare the UV power map II intensity of multiple lights in a system. The UV power map II energy meter is used with Powerview III analysis software to analyze, store data, and compare. compare… 

Power Map II UV energy meter

3.3 Power Puck II UV radiometer

Power Puck II UV energy meter is used to measure UV intensity or UV energy emitted from UV lamps, UV measuring device is suitable for use with conveyor type UV machines, The machine is used in the UV printing industry , leather shoes, wood, electronics...

  • User adjustable sample rates are 25, 128 or 2048 Hz
  • Dynamic range (High Medium, Low) is specified at time of order, battery is user replaceable
  • Power Puck II: Four UV bands (UVA, UVB, UVC UVV)
  • UviCure Plus II: Single UV strip specified on order

3.5 Uvicure Plus II UV radiometer

–  Uvicure Plus ultraviolet  (UV) energy meter is simple and easy to use Only use 1 button for on/off and 1 run button.

– Display UV data on one screen.

– Standard bandwidth : UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV.

–  Provides default mode options for data analysis and comparison, display, and operation settings.

–  Connect to USB port

–  There are many units to choose from: mJ/cm2, mW/cm2, J/cm2, W/cm2,  µJ/cm2, µW/cm2.

UVICURE Plus II energy meter